Christmas came early for the team at Motor Heist. We were fortunate to come across Camber Watches on kickstarter and ended up getting our hands on a Founder Edition time piece.

As a motoring enthusiast we all want to show our love for the sport whether we are driving a beautiful car or not.

Most accessories are over the top with logos, car images and everything under the sun to scream “we love cars!”. The great thing about Camber watches is that unless you are a car enthusiast you probably won’t notice the little details or significance of the watch features. Which in my opinion is the best part of the watch. You can wear the watch for any occasion whether it’s a casual day out on the town or a black tie event for the unveiling of a new Ferrari.

You can get this watch in several different styles and to our surprise, you get a bunch of watch straps. Which essentially creates three unique watches in one.

Our team photographer took some time to showcase the piece in more detail.




The camber watches came be found here –

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